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Physical Graffiti Cutting
Physical Graffiti Cutting

Physical Graffiti Cutting

Red Flesh Fruit

Grown by: Fire Mountain Farms

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Physical Graffiti dragon fruit cuttings, unrooted, approximately 15" in length.

This variety is self-sterile (cross-pollination with pollen from other red-flesh variety is needed), with fruit size of about 0.75-1.5 lb. Flesh is bright pink/purple in color.

Dragon fruit is a fast growing cactus that grows easily in warm temperatures, but can be grown in cooler climates as long as it is brought inside or covered to protect from frost. Can produce fruit in as soon as 2-3 years under the right conditions. 

Rooting instructions will be included. 

Visit our Dragon Fruit Growing Guide for more great information on farming your own!