Finger Limes

Nature's Lime-Flavored Pop Rocks

Common Names

Caviar lime, Australian finger lime

Native Region

Australian rainforests

USDA Growing Zones

10-11 (protect from freeze)
The finger lime plant, also known as the caviar lime plant or citrus australasica, is native to the Queensland and New South Wales regions of Australia. The elongated, finger-shaped fruits contain tiny globe-shaped vescicles, or pearls, that add bursts of effervescent, tangy flavor and stunning visual pop to many dishes. Popping up (see what I did there?) in Antipodean restaurants in the early 2000s, finger limes are relatively new to the exotic fruit scene. Finger limes are a great source of vitamin C (supposedly three times than that found in mandarins), vitamin E, folic acid and potassium.
Fun Fact: Through hybridization, they come in a range of colors from the lightest pinks to the deepest blue-greens. This makes them, out of all citrus plants, This possibly gives them the honor of having the most broad range of pulp colors among all citrus.

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The history and background

Finger Limes Guide

Finger Limes Quick Facts
Scientific NameCitrus australasica, microcitrus australasica
Common NamesFinger lime, caviar lime, Australian finger lime
OriginsAustralia, native to the rainforests of Queensland and New South Wales
Annual or Perennial?Perennial
Plant TypeTree/ shrub
Plant Size6-20+ feet tall in the wild; can be pruned to desired height
Growing DifficultyModerate
Growing Zone(s)10-11 (protect from freeze)
Growing Requirements: Temperature65-85 degrees F
Growing Requirements: SoilWell-draining soil with 6-7 pH (typical citrus), mulch soil in spring, and fertilize with citrus food every two months
Growing Requirements: SunlightPartial or full sun in coastal areas, partial sun in inland areas
Growing Requirements: WaterKeep soil moist in summer
Fruiting Season5 months
Fruit Size & ShapeElongated fruit 1-4 inches long. The flowers are 10 to 14mm in diameter, white or pale pink and appear in late summer and autumn. They are followed by elongated fruits about 30-120mm long. The green, yellow, black, purple or red fruits ripen in winter through to spring and yellow, pink, or green pulp.
Edible PartsThe pulp can be squeezed out and used wherever you might use limes. The sperical pulp looks like caviar.
Fruit TasteMild sweet kiwi, or a cross between a pear, a cucumber, and a watermelon. White flesh variety are the least sweet and have an earthy taste
Ripens Off the Vine?No
Cultivars/Different Varieties‘Rainforest Pearl’, produces pink fruit, vigorous grower; ‘Alstonville’, produces dark green-black fruit with a pale green flesh, tall-growing shrub; ‘Blood Lime’, a hybrid between a mandarin and a finger lime with blood red flesh
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Finger Limes

Finger Limes Fruit

Finger Limes (3 Fruit)

Nature's Caviar


Growing & Caring for

Your Finger Lime Plant

Growing a finger lime from seed can be excruciatingly slow, as it can takes 15 years! Growing from a cutting is also slow and difficult, so the preferred method of propagation is grafting onto rootstock.

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Fun Finger Lime Recipe
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Finger Lime FAQ

How Do You Eat a Finger Lime?

"Use a sharp knife and cut straight through the fruit, slicing it in half. Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh and seeds, which are also edible, or cut further in to wedges and peel the thin skin like you would an orange.

What Does Finger Lime Taste Like?

Enjoy it in a tropical fruit salad or green salad, blend it into a smoothie, or simply eat it plain!"
Australian FINGER LIME Taste Test

A real super food

Finger Limes Recipes & Ideas
Finger Lime Mojito
Grilled Pork Chop Lime Caviar 


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