Our Mission

Connecting Exotic Plant
Farmers to Customers

We are a collective of local, U.S. based, exotic plant farmers.  Our farmers are passionate about the products they grow and want to share their plants with you.

Delivering from Local Exotic Plant Farms

How Exotic Delivery Works


Pick Your Box

Choose from a variety plants, seeds, cuttings, & fruit.


Local Farms

Choose from a variety of fresh, in-season, exotic fruit. 


Delivered to you

Choose from a variety of fresh, in-season, exotic fruit. 

Local & Independent

Discover Exotic Farms

What is Exotic plant Farms?

  • Learn about the wonderful world of exotic plants. 
  • Connect directly with farms.
  • Order cuttings, seedlings, and even fruit.
  • Delivered to your doorstep.

Why did you create Exotic Plant Farms?

Our family immigrated to America in 1975 from Southeast Asia.  We love to  share our culture through food and plants (what a wonderful combination!).  We know there are many other farmers (big and small) with a knack for growing and sharing, so we created this website to help them reach the world.

 How do I sell with Exotic Plant Farms?

  1. Join the farming collective
  2. Let us know what you're growing (we'll even have an easy to use dashboard so you can manage yourself).
  3. We'll build a beautiful customer experience to educate customers
  4. When your plants or fruit are ready, customers can order directly through the website.
  5. We'll provide you with custom, environmentally-responsible packaging, labels, and inserts.
  6. You'll pack and ship through our automated process.
  7. Collect between 50% - 60% of the selling price.
  8. We'll help you through the entire process!

Farmer Spotlight

Featured Exotic Farm

Fire Mountain Farm
LocationSouthern California
SizeSmall to Medium
GrowsDragon Fruit, Cherimoya, Sapote, see all